RIP BBC Television Centre, which sadly closes on 31 March 2013

The iconic White City headquarters of all things BBC first opened in June 1960, but has now been sold off, presumably for swanky redevelopment

It’s nice to see that some of the original Stymie Bold Italic signage survived until the end. Check out Kris Wood’s Flickr set for some more photos of the building’s empty and abandoned spaces

World War Two Radio Chatter - Lancaster Crew

This radio chatter clip is from a Lancaster Bomber which is flying a mission over Germany during World War Two. The bomber is attacked by a German fighter later on in the clip. The crew seems to panic as the fighter engages them, and the captain at one point shouts “Okay, don’t shout all at once!” Eventually one of the gunners manages to bring down the German fighter

Lower Wote Street Cinema, Basingstoke

This was my childhood cinema. Opened as the Waldorf Cinema on 28th October 1935 with Fred Astaire in “Roberta”, it later closed in June 1977 for conversion to a twin screen cinema. I’ve fond memories of joining long queues that often snaked alongside the right side of the building, although occasionally this was a waste of time for screenings that were sold out by the time I reached the entrance

My most lasting memory of the cinema was to watch “Gremlins” with a handful of friends. The original 1984 release was a 15 certificate, and since we were only 12 and 13 years old only a handful of us got in. Those who didn’t look old enough were left to watch “Ghostbusters”, the other big Christmas release that year. In March 1990, the last film that I saw there was “Born on the Fourth of July”, and by September that year a new out-of-town Warner Village 10-screen multiplex had opened that effectively proved a death knell to the cinema

“Death Warrant” with Jean-Claude Van Damme was the last film to be screened, and the cinema finally closed on 21st February 1991. Before its demolition in August 1999, it was used as both a bingo hall and charity shop with ample space for secondhand furniture