The Stonehenge Free Festival, 1972-1985

I’ve got fleeting memories of the Stonehenge Free Festival, having driven past it a number of times when I was child visiting relatives. Stonehenge was a regular pit-stop during the journey to freshen up and use the public toilets. However, during the festival my parents reminded me not to speak to strangers and ‘avoid the hippies’ where possible. To me, the whole gathering looked really exciting - it’s a shame I wasn’t older at the time so that I could have experienced it all a bit better

Sadly, the festival came to an abrupt end in 1985 with the now infamous Battle of the Beanfield. An aggressive police riot ensued after hundreds of travellers, known affectionately in the media as the Peace Convoy, became trapped by an exclusion zone that had been set up around Stonehenge. You can seen footage from the incident HERE